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Monday, 22 September 2014


Those looking for setting up or accessorizing their home bars, have clicked at just the right option. Christiano Furniture offers high end bar furniture for home bars, commercial bars, custom bars, bar stools; in modern designs and different sizes and very well in budget.

Christiano Furniture provides different types of home bar accessories. Depending upon the home bar plan, various home bar designs are available.

1.      Sports bar plan: where a TV, a billiard table, a dart board etc. can be added.
2.      Casino themed bar: gives it a look of a clubhouse. Also includes gaming gears and poker.
3.      Corner bar: for less space.
4.      Bar and sink plan: L-design bar where the sink and bar are side by side.
After finalizing the plan, the bar setup can be selected from an array of home bar furniture produced by Christiano furniture. The names of the models of a few are given hereunder:

For large spaces and small spaces different models of home bars are designed.

Bar 246rnd, Bar 248 Palisander Vaneer, Bar 247 oak, Bar 272ba, Bar 129ma are among the large space occupiers, and Bar 246mod, Bar 129mod, Bar 241, Bar 136, Bar 242 are for small spaces.

Christaino Furniture takes care of quality, customer satisfaction, service,  purity of products and trust of customers and cost in the budget. For more options and better services, browse at


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