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Thursday, 21 November 2013

5 inspirational home bar design ideas for a stylish modern home

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Why would someone like to have an own home bar? There are many reasons. You can make the most of your fun time when your friends are around or when you are watching a football match on the TV. You can drown yourself to oblivion when you are in one of your pensive moods and need some escape. You can style up the look of your house and make yourself the cynosure of everybody’s attention. 

Though there is no limit to creativity, here are 5 inspirational Home Bars Designs by
1.      Bar with sports: A sport-themed bar is for those who are obsessed with games. If you are fond of any sport which you like to watch on the television, then it would be better to install a television on the bar and watch a match with a glass in hand. 

2.      Casino theme: In case you wish to turn your little space into a personalized casino, you can set up board games and card games and even invite your friends and colleagues over the weekends for making or losing money.

3.      Bar with brewing equipments: If you like to brew cocktails and would love to experiment, it would be good to invest in equipments and tools which can help you do that during your free time. 

4.      Corner bar: In case there is a space crunch at your place, Home Bars Designs by suggests that you go for a small corner where to set up a smaller bar.

5.      L type bar: L-type bar design may also suit you especially if you wish to attach a sink alongside the bar. 
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