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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Christiano Furniture: New Products For My Custom Home Bar

 custom home bars

The modern life has become so hectic that people hardly find time for recreation. Work load has pressurized many and it will continue to do so further. One way that people find out to escape this load is by eliminating the pressure on them. On a Saturday night many pubs would be filled with such professionals who need a break from the routine hullabaloo of life. In this uproar, a sense of serenity is lost and so comes in the need to have a private space for recreation activity. Custom home bars have taken place of many outdoor pubs recently and continues to do so. The greatest benefit of it being is that it provides ultimate privacy and a calm environment to a person. Moreover, it can be designed and customized to suit one’s own interest. 

Foremost important product that should be kept in mind while designing custom home bars is the furniture. It comprises of the wood to be used for the countertop or the skin of the frame. Usually the architecture salvaged wood should be ideal for such purposes. These are the types of wood that have been taken from an already used structure. Such re-using helps save a lot of money while buying products for custom home bars. Furniture also includes the stools to be used and the bar table. Generally, the bar table is taller than a normal dining table and so the stool should be then chosen accordingly. It should in some way be compatible with the height of the table. Again it can be made stylish and modern or given an elegant touch.
custom home bars
Cabinets to store liquor are other products to make custom home bars that are alluring. It is very obvious that the products to be used for a new custom home bar should be dwelt with cabinets. These again can be made of a different kind of wood creating an amalgamation of the furniture used. The cabinets can be fitted with lights like LED that will bring the stored liquor into focus. It looks quite good and people highly appreciate the same. Other important accessories include a decent blender, cocktail glasses and other glassware etc. It should be kept in mind that the custom bar area is large enough to accommodate sufficient material and people on both the sides. 
 custom home bars
The shelf or the cabinet can be beautified with apparatus like stylish glasses of wine or beer, bottle openers that are antique or even corkscrews. Champagne flutes, shot glasses and coupes are other suggestions to make the place look even better and alluring. Decorative lamps can be placed on the tables and a sink below the top of the table for washing and cleaning. Custom made bars are not so difficult to design provided apt product medley is made for the same. Various online stores are into selling designed home bars with the finest quality of furniture to suit the best needs. Moreover, special discounts are available as well on each product with guaranteed safe home delivery.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Buy Essential Home Bars on this Holiday Season

Since time immemorial, it has been in practice for each and everyone to adorn his dream home with various things, which not only beautify the houses but accommodate everything in a neat manner as well, which will be gratification to the person, who uses bars, about which we are going to explain, keeping in mind the need of the commercial offices and the dwelling places, but also laudable to the visitors. These bars are exquisitely made to win the commendations and provide ample spaces for other objects, too, and which are not just furniture, as they seem to be, and are sold in different parameters, such as bar stools, bar chairs, bar table and home bar and so on and so forth, with regard to the choices and the demands of the customers.

These essential home bars are within the affordable ranges and no one would think that they are burden some to cater to his requirements, keeping in mind the pockets of every individual, and the area for which the bars are going to be bought.
These essential home bars are available at every shop, which sells furniture and other related wooden and metal pieces.  If you are and ardent individual to renovate your houses with these bars, what is needed is visit a furniture shop, where many mesmeric bars are sold, and choose any of them, attractive to you and to the persons, who are guests or neighbors, and to the clients, who visit your offices for some business transactions. Without mincing the words, it can be well predicted that your business will get ameliorated in the twinkling of an eye. Surprised! Employ yourself as expected and see the results! If you want to buy these bars using on-line services, you will earn colossal discounts.  It is not irrelevant to say that the quality will always be excellent, no matter from where these bars are to be bought. Test yourself to test us.

Various organizations have been dealing in these bars, and the competitions is such intensive that each of them strives hard to maintain the qualities of its products intact in order that they can rope in the customers in a most fascinating way. So, you can justify us as far as the quality is concerned.

The advertisements for these bars have been displayed on the web by almost every organization.  You can visit them to know about the different parameters, in which they are produced, as well as the prices for your future plans or the present one, before going outside to inspect them. You can also make a telephonic call to it to be perfectly acquainted with. If the matter is still in quandary, visit it in person so as to have a clear picture.

To capitulate, these bars can bring a glory to your homes and be a source of admiration.  

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Why people were choose Christiano Furniture custom home bar

With the fast paced, digitalized businesses, it is now much easier to explore distinct sorts of furniture to fulfill all residential, antique, corporate, commercial etc décor requirements. But with so many options accessible on hand, users can now just select their choice with the convenience of their home and get the furniture shipped and assembled quite easily.
Online décor and furniture websites offers an eclectic range of Custom design home bars, sophisticated dining room furniture, living room sofas, Chairs, accents, Chandeliers etc. Simply, this one website has plenty of affordable as well as luxurious furnishing options for all corners and rooms of residential space. 
Custom design home bars, Chests, Cabinets and other Furniture
Buying a furniture piece off the catalogue is okay for those who can find exactly what they are looking for. But those who have confusions and doubts can always get their choice of Home bars or Chests, Cabinets, Tables, unique accents etc personalized to suit the aura, home décor style and theme of their space. It is absolutely normal to have distinct taste for décor style and the way with which one decorates and fills the house and personal space with furniture also reflects the personal style. So, even if one is a fan of certain nonchalance and minimalism or great old antiques or the renaissance style, the alternative of personalized furniture always takes the style a notch up. Christiano Furniture offers this amazing alternative for personalized manufacture and customized finishing of the home bars, cabinets etc.    
Unique array of furniture items is offered online thus corporate as well as residential requirements for home décor can easily be fulfilled. Besides, easy to navigate pages, 24*7 updated inventories, complete details of all products with highly competitive prices and convenient online ordering, shipping option allows for comfortable and safe online shopping. In addition, the aforementioned online business also feasible customer service option with return policy of 3 days from purchase.
Variety of options makes furniture shopping easy
Furniture shopping is not a piece of cake and more often than not, people don't realize the proper potential of stocking up the house or business space with the right sort of furnishings. However, people who are not sure about the kind of furniture that would complement their space can seek personal assistance online or get aid from Interior designers to select the right pieces for the right layout.
Get all accessories in place
Just getting a sofa, accents and home bar won't do but using the right accessories to finish the aesthetics and elaborate the feasibility is also important. Accessories like decorative lighting fixtures can also be arranged online for quite budget friendly quotes. Specific accessories like particular beverage glass (Wine glasses, scotch glasses), blenders etc should also be selected carefully.
The technical aspect
Technological advanced and space saving furniture may be costly but is suitable for long term usage.
So, scrutinize and weight all aspects of the shortlisted pieces and have a happy home-business space decorating experience. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Christiano Furniture: The choices available to today’s homeowners allows you to have the pleasure of being a proud owner of a home bar furniture. The collections of designs in our website will definitely make your shopping a wonderful experience. The craftsmanship in every piece of furniture is a perfect fit for your home.

If the standard design does not fit your need, you can consider customizing a bar. You can take the help of any of the support executive or make use of the site to design the custom home bar furniture that you have been dreaming about. You can talk to our experts and discuss about your ideas. In case you have a particular preference, you can also get pictures so that we create the bar you have always wanted to own. We would help you to mix and match various parts of the bars so that the furniture fits the space at your home. However, before we move forward to design a bar, you need to review the layout brochure as there are many common layouts available that can suit your pricing as well as space at home. You can also send a design that you have in mind with sketches so that we can select the best match from the existing collection.

There are instances where in customers would like to have a different finish or stain color while our store would be having an entirely different one. Our hardwoods include oak, maple and cherry. If you want a particular shade then you can choose to a custom home bar.

All that you would have to do to book an order is to visit our website, choose a design and contact us. In case of customizing a bar furniture, you can discuss further with us and let us know your preferences. And that is it, your order is booked. Isn’t that really simple.

The pricing that we offer are awesome. They are affordable. Every piece of furniture is made with utmost care. You will never find furniture with cracks or damages. Our products are shipped across the United States and many other places across the globe. However, the local projects are shipped and installed at your home by us. Once you are intrigued with our bar design and pricing, we would go ahead and start working on your order.

We assure you that you would love to shop at our store. Visit our showroom to view the best bar furniture!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Enjoy Your Evenings with Custom Home Bars!

You need to get pepped up once you are free or return home from your work. Weekends are for some fun and relaxation to break out of the rut of the whole week at work. How about getting all things aroundwhen you go about enjoying yourself!Organizing soirees at home can be a divine experience provided you could have that restaurant like atmosphere. But how to create that atmosphere can be anybody’scribbing.Serving drinks with eating items in those traditional sitting arrangements does away with half of the fun.No worries. You can now replicate the aura of bars at your very  ownhome. You can get your bar customized as per your needs from Christiano Furniture.

Christiano Furniture is an online store which has been catering to its customers since last more than 13 years. They deal in all kinds of furniture products.  They have everything from custom home bars, large and small bars, wet bars, bar stools, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, game rooms, entertainment centers to accent furniture, bathroom sinks, coffee tables, chests and desks, chandeliers and many more. To buy a piece from them, you just need to log onto their website, browse their catalog and order once you decide on an item.

Christiano Furniture puts up some or the other product regularly for sale also. The latest sale offer being presented to its customers includes 2 stools free with 1 bar. You can get your order delivered to whichever corner of the world you are in. If the article ordered by you is in stock you can receive it between 7 to 10 days. It may take a little long-up to 8 to 10 weeks if it is out of stock or needs to be customized.
So make your evening parties more eventful with Christiano Furniture custom home bars!

Monday, 22 September 2014


Those looking for setting up or accessorizing their home bars, have clicked at just the right option. Christiano Furniture offers high end bar furniture for home bars, commercial bars, custom bars, bar stools; in modern designs and different sizes and very well in budget.

Christiano Furniture provides different types of home bar accessories. Depending upon the home bar plan, various home bar designs are available.

1.      Sports bar plan: where a TV, a billiard table, a dart board etc. can be added.
2.      Casino themed bar: gives it a look of a clubhouse. Also includes gaming gears and poker.
3.      Corner bar: for less space.
4.      Bar and sink plan: L-design bar where the sink and bar are side by side.
After finalizing the plan, the bar setup can be selected from an array of home bar furniture produced by Christiano furniture. The names of the models of a few are given hereunder:

For large spaces and small spaces different models of home bars are designed.

Bar 246rnd, Bar 248 Palisander Vaneer, Bar 247 oak, Bar 272ba, Bar 129ma are among the large space occupiers, and Bar 246mod, Bar 129mod, Bar 241, Bar 136, Bar 242 are for small spaces.

Christaino Furniture takes care of quality, customer satisfaction, service,  purity of products and trust of customers and cost in the budget. For more options and better services, browse at

Monday, 11 August 2014

A home bar provides an area inside the house to serve alcohol. Though many folks choose alcoholic beverages from their room, others need a centralized entertaining area within which they'll entertain and serve drinks whereas additionally storing their provides and liquid ingredients. 

Many owners want to put in a home bar so as to finish one area in their home for creating and serving drinks, an area wherever they'll host and entertain guests with everything they have in a very single location. Immense custom home bars designs are available to benefit you.
Home bar, known as a home bar once it includes a sink with running water, will take several forms. Coming up with your own residence bar affords you the chance to arrange for everything you would like and zip you don’t. betting on your home, your preferences and your budget, your bar could contains something from a straightforward tabletop with a couple of shelves behind it to associate degree elaborate wood bar complete with hanging glass racks associate degreeTake into account what parts are vital to you and what details you can't live while not
Putting in a home bar is corresponding to any home transforming project. You wish to think about what proportion cash you'll be able to place into the endeavor before obtaining started. Once you've got a basic plan of the cash you're able to place into the project, as well as the time and labor it'll need and therefore the provides requiredyou may be able to tweak your original thoughts to choose the foremost realistic style for your scenario.